BSA Industry Week Update: 2020 Event A No Go

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND (Apr. 12, 2019) - The Business Solutions Association (BSA) announced on April 12 that Industry Week is not moving forward.

As the industry is well aware, more than one hundred people have been working for the past year towards making a collective Industry Event a reality in 2020.The overarching goal behind an “all industry event” was to reduce costs, eliminate duplicative meetings and optimize everyone’s resources in this time of unprecedented rate of change in our industry and marketplace.
BSA has concluded that, because of the inability to gain consensus, the industry being in a state of flux, and the unrealistic desire to sustain legacy events and programs by some stakeholders, the group is not able to take necessary steps (sign contracts, etc.) to make a 2020 conference a reality.
We are disappointed that despite the number of hours spent on this initiative and many industry leaders voicing their support for industry change, some are not supporting it for their respective organizations.
We will continue to evaluate and work on these issues and determine if a future event is achievable.  - (BSA)